how to edit this site

(klaus filip, 22 02 2022) is a data base looking like a website.

the data base is organized in posts:
posts must be set to one of the following categories:
* event (any official event)
* artspace (workshops, residences, etc. that do not have an official showing)
* work (any artwork, be it a sculpture, a concert or a lecture, etc)
* artist (actually any person)
* group (of artists)

every category has a set of database fields:

event::    image | image_big | caption | work | artist |       |      | type | start_date | end_date | start_time | end_time | gallery | curated_by 
artspace:: image | image_big | caption | work | artist |       |      |      | start_date | end_date | start_time | end_time | gallery | 
artist::   image | image_big | caption | work |        | event | link |      | country | group 
work::     image | image_big | caption |      | artist | event | link | type | year | material | location | permanent_sculpture 
group::                                       | artist |

edit a post:
once you are logged in with admin user rights, the site looks a bit different.
if you scroll down all the way in a post there is a grey section to edit some fields
without the need to go into “edit page” mode.
actually only for editing the text (content) or the category of a post, you need to go into edit-mode.
if you change some fields in this grey admin-section always click “update” if you are done.


edit fields:
fields that point to another category, like event, work, artist, must be filled with care, following some rules:

moreĀ  items must be seperated by commas. eg. [artist: peter berger, susi smith, ernst gruber]

if one of these names already do have a post here on this website, use the post-ID instead of the name!
(this will lead to an internal link to that post, as well as keeping the database clean from missspellings)
(normally its very practical to have two tabs open, one to edit and the other to browse the website.)

mixed field content is possible, if not all items do have an own post.
eg. susi smith has a post on our site already with the ID 1234, then the above would be: [artist: peter berger, 1234, ernst gruber]
if all of them do have post-IDs already it might look like: [artist: 2345,1234,1555] .
you can find the post IDs either when posts are listed tagged with –ID– xxxx. (in admin-mode only)
or at single posts you can copy it from the url in your browser window.


every post should have an image.
there are 2 (main) image fields: image and image_big.
at image you must use an image that has the size of exactly 400×216 pixels.
so usually you need to manually crop an image in some other application to this size !!
at image_big you can put any size of image.(usually the one, where you cropped a part for the image above)
you may add more images by going into “edit post” and use the button “Attach” there.
there is another option for adding many images, using a gallery built with the plugin “Final Tiles Gallery”.
paste the ID of a gallery you built there into the field “gallery”.


edit contents (text)
this has to be done in “edit post”.
please add the “more-tag” after 1-2 lines of text.
this is essential for the listing of the posts. long texts are not truncated automatically.
this “more-tag” is buggy in the Visual-text-editor.
so use the Text-text-editor , select the position in the text and click the “more” button directly above the text-field.

new post:
you may browse to a post, that is similar to the one you want to create, then scroll down and look for the
button “copy to new post”. first give the “new” title, then press the button.
most fields and the category will be copied into the new post.


every work, that has coordinates in the field location will be added to the artmap.
make sure this work has a valid year-field, this will be used by the artmap to filter/sort the works.
if you scroll all the way down (on a post) there is a link “update works for artmap“.
click on this to make your changes visible on the artmap.


questions, suggestions, complaints to