Christiane Peschek

The works of Christiane Peschek live between emotional alienation, self-sacralisation and fluid identity research in an extended virtual space.

In images and multi-sensory installations she creates dialogues sculpted by virtual exhaustion, intimacy and self- idealisation. The observation of the physical body on both sides of the screen, between on- and offline identities are a continuous topic in her projects. Words, retouched images, scents and other sensual and ethereal materials become hybrids of analog processes and digital/virtual transformation in a post-Internet reality. In interaction with near-body technologies such as smartphones and ipads, she explores the “hyper-ego” using the surface of touchscreens to create experiences in the intersection of technology and cosmology. Peschek’s works have been internationally exhibited in Galleries and Institutions such as FOTOGALERIE Vienna, U10 Belgrade, UNSEEN Amsterdam, Salzburger Kunstverein, Benaki Museum Athens and the NRW Forum Düsseldorf. She was awarded with several international prices such as the UNSEEN Tesla Art Trail award, honour price of Emergentes DST and the Anne-Goldenberg-Fonds. In 2019 she was holding the state scholarship for artistic photography from the Austrian Government. Her works are found in collections such as ING DiBa Art Collection, the Museum of Modern Art Salzburg and the Kupferstichkabinett Vienna. She is based in the cloud.


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