Martina Menegon

Martina Menegon is an artist working with interactive and extended reality art. In her works, Martina creates intimate and complex assemblages of physical and virtual elements that explore the contemporary self and its synthetic corporeality. She experiments with the uncanny and the grotesque-including the self, the body, and the dialogue between the physical and virtual realities-to create disorienting virtual experiences.

Martina is a University Assistant and Lecturer at the department of Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she teaches “Digital Design and Virtuality.” She also teaches multimedia tools for interactive arts at the IUAV University in Venice (MA Digital Exhibit, BA Multimedia Arts) together with Klaus Obermaier and Stefano D’Alessio.

She is currently Head of Extended Reality and Curator at “Area for Virtual Art,” a platform for immersive experiences and get-togethers. She is also part of the curatorial team of the new media art festival of Vienna, CIVA Festival


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